Performance Squad Policy

For Our Dancers

Congratulations! You have been accepted into Bom Funk Dance Studio’s Performance Squad (BFPS). The first step to becoming a successful dancer is making a solid commitment to your classes, rehearsals, and performances. Strong technique is a key ingredient and class is where you develop that technique. Come to each class prepared to learn and without personal distractions. Class time is your chance to focus on yourself, so try to leave your concerns or worries at the studio door. True progress is made when you look at each class, rehearsal, or performance as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do. Dance full-out, stretch a little further, become more aware of your technique, and make the most of every class.

The Performance Squad is a privilege that dancers and their parents must appreciate and respect. Participation in the program is restricted to dancers who are ready to make achieving their personal best a priority. There will be times when classes, rehearsals, or performances will be scheduled when your non-dance friends or family may be headed to the shops, parties or the movies.

We encourage dancers to be as dedicated to their academic studies as they are to their dance training. If your participation in this program affects your grades or the expectations and goals set by your parents, we cannot allow you to continue in the program. Make sure you keep a schedule & practice good time management, even at an early age – it will help you in all aspects of life as you grow older.

Program Benefits

The reality is, only a small percentage of the dancers in our Intensive Program will move on to professional dance careers; therefore, the program focuses on educating young people to strive for their personal best in anything they want to accomplish. While we are excited to help any student wanting to take their Dance further as a career, we also are huge supporters of the over-all benefits that Dance brings to a child/person’s life and this along is our main aim. We achieve our goals for the program by offering young people the chance to:

  • gain a sense of balance in life by managing their commitments to both dance and academics;
  • participate in a physical activity that enhances understanding of the value of a healthy body;
  • develop a sense of confidence when speaking or making a presentation in a public setting, which is also a great benefit in college or job interviews;
  • work with mentors who are focused on the students’ success inside and outside of the classroom;
  • enjoy friendships that could last a lifetime and a sense of belonging to an extended family of fellow dancers, teachers, and parents;
  • discover the results of hard work and determination; and
  • develop a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts.

In addition, making a commitment to the policies set forth, teaches our young people that there are boundaries that must be respected in order to succeed in the program.

Studio Values

Performance Squad members are expected to follow & understand all of the studio values:

  • Passion, Pride, Professionalism
  • Community Spirit
  • Creativity & Growth

Our Philosophy

Competitions are not for everyone. Competition work involves intense training, hard repetition and self-discipline. For some students, competition training is not fun but for others, they thrive on the pressure to be pushed. At Bom Funk Dance Studio, we believe that students should be able to have the opportunity to learn and perfect their performance skills in an environment that best suits their learning style. This is why we have many crew options for students and some that compete at different competitions depending on the nature of the crew/troupe.

Performance Squad students need to be ready to push themselves and take their dancing to the next level. To compete, students must stretch and train regularly in their own time and not rely just on training completed in the squad time. Squad students must be ready and willing to spend a lot of time cleaning, polishing and perfecting steps and sequences so that a standard is reached in time for competitions. As well as this, competition students must be able to perform and entertain audiences with energy and personality not only on stage, but during rehearsals.

BFPS also focuses on developing a student’s performance quality and confidence. Students learn to adapt choreography to suit their performance environment and represent the studio at many events throughout the year. The Squad focuses on dancing from the heart and entertaining the audience. Bom Funk Dance Studio has a reputation for presenting professional and polished performances that are entertaining and inspiring to others.

It has always been our philosophy to instil a spirit of teamwork among the dancers in the program. A competitive atmosphere is counterproductive to what we want to accomplish in our classrooms or among the dancers.

Together . . .

  • we are stronger;
  • we learn from each other;
  • we share our successes.

The Competition & Performance Experience

For dedicated dancers, the satisfaction of an excellent performance is all the motivation they need to work harder to continue improving. Don’t judge how you feel about your performance by the size of the trophy or the colour of the medal.

The Focus Is Not Simply on Competition

It is our goal to instil in our students a passion for performing rather than merely the desire to win awards. BFPS dancers have performance opportunities other than competitions. They perform their routines at numerous community events throughout the year to gain confidence and experience. We believe the lessons learned through public performances are as valuable as the competition experience.

Our solid reputation for quality reflects our attitude toward competition and our goal to develop in each student a genuine respect for dance as an art form. We consider students’ participation in competitions not merely part of their dance training; it’s also an important part of how we influence their growth as people. With the right focus, the experience good about a performance and understand that they become better each time they go onstage, they are truly growing through the competition experience. Hitting that stage and doing the best they can is what it’s all about; whether they win––or which award they win––is secondary.

Through participation in competitions, we hope to instil in our students an appreciation for other dancers and schools. We are not out to beat anyone; instead, we hope to motivate both students and faculty by exposing them to the highest calibre of talent available. Only then can we produce the best dancers and teachers possible. Competition can be an excellent source of self-confidence. & is an education.

We believe the lessons learned through public performances are just as valuable as the competition experience.

For Our Parents

We believe that children’s success depends on the support of their parents or guardians. Because your commitment to the process makes an enormous difference, we encourage you to be a part of your child’s dance education.

Our programs rely on a positive atmosphere and educational experience for our faculty and students and their parents. Cooperation between all parents is expected. Showing respect—for other parents, the students, and the faculty—makes an important impression on our children. Just like the teachers in the program, you are a role model for your child about how to interact with others in a professional setting.

Your child’s presence at all classes is imperative. The spirit of teamwork and the lesson of dedication are a big part of our school’s educational process.

Parents and teachers may look at a child’s learning from different perspectives. However, we believe they share a common goal: to ensure that every child receives the best possible training, both physically and mentally, in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Mutual respect among our faculty and our students’ parents provides the children with the ultimate care and education.

Understanding Dance Education

Encourage your child to be the best that he or she can be regardless of what others may achieve. While we train and perform as a team, Dance is also an individual art form and children need to be allowed to achieve at a pace that’s comfortable. No two students will progress at the same rate, even if they experience the exact same training. It’s important to encourage children to focus on themselves, give their all, and be satisfied with their own accomplishments.

Dance education encompasses far more than technique and the steps your children learn. We believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment through learning, experiencing the spirit of teamwork, and discovering what they can accomplish through hard work. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies, and souls of our students, teaching them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance.

Squad Selection

In 2017 we have developed the program to be more strategically aligned to suit the competitions we are looking to enter. We have made crews smaller, more specialised and matched ages to fit so that our students have a great chance of success. Members of each Troupe or Crew have been chosen through an audition process or through special invitation. Placement decisions are derived from many years of teaching experience. Placement is highly individual and the factors that go into the decision are complex.

Class placement of students is highly individual and the factors that go into the decision are complex.

Crew/Troupe Requirements

Each Crew/Troupe has individual class & uniform requirements - CLICK HERE

  • These requirements are non-negotiable.
  • Any exceptions to the requirements can only be approved by the Director under extreme circumstances. Please contact the Director for such a case. 
  • If uniforms appear tatty or worn due to excessive wear in class, students must purchase a new uniform for public appearance/performances.

General Studio Policies

BFPS Parent and students must follow all other studio policies - CLICK HERE

 Performance Squad General Policies

  • All Squad members must be enrolled in the required number of classes/training, to improve technique and push members to a higher standard and skill level. The prerequisite classes vary depending on the crew and style and can be found in the crew/troupe requirements.
  • Squad members must not miss more than 3 troupe/crew classes per term, unless parents have communicated with the Director and their crew leader, or for medical reasons. Missing classes lets the rest of the members down and if a participant has missed more than 3 classes, they may not be at the standard to perform with the rest of the group. Consequently, they may be asked not to perform at a particular event & risk losing their Commitment Deposit.
  • Students and Parents must sign and hand back their Squad contract and pay the Commitment Deposit by the end of week 2, Term 1.
  • A representative from each family must be present at the organised Squad meeting. 
  • It is expected that Squad members come to each lesson and put in 100%, as anything less rubs off on the group. You can only get out what you put in.
  • It is expected that Squad members practise outside of classes- a week is a long time in between classes to remember new choreography. Please ensure all Squad members get a copy of the music for each routine, either from their leader or as a download (available from Google Drive, shared in Facebook Private group), in order to practise.
  • The Squad is formed out of invitations to individuals who show potential in their dancing. It is expected that the group will form and support each other as a team, as with any other sport.
  • Extra costs are involved with crew/troupes on top of the regular term fees: There are registration costs involved with competitions, compulsory workshops and all members require specific Bom Funk uniform and additional costumes throughout the year.
  • Sometimes extra rehearsals are required, which may include weekends. Crew members need to prioritise these rehearsals. Extra rehearsals are free of charge unless an external choreographer/tutor is involved. 
  • · Some special workshops may be deemed compulsory for certain crews/troupes to participate in. These are an extra cost.
  • · All Competition performances are compulsory – often we are given the approximate dates but not the exact time or date until close to the competition. Students will have to make arrangements to attend the competition as their first priority.
  • Students who miss a competition performance signed for in the Squad contract automatically forfeit their commitment deposit.
  • Crews are involved in performances throughout the entire year. Members need to be available for these extra performances- in most cases you will be given at least 2 weeks’ notice. These performances assist students with choreography confidence, performance quality refinement and positive promotion of Bom Funk Dance Studio. 
  • If you are unable to attend a general or promotional performance, please inform the Director and your leader with ample notice so that routines can be adjusted accordingly.
  • All students will represent the studio in a professional manner and wear Crew or studio uniform to and from events so that other people know what studio they represent.
  • Students must be willing to work hard at all times and take responsibility to learn and know all of their steps/routines.
  • High Kix students are expected to be able to do the forward splits (preferably on the right leg) and must maintain flexibly and a healthy physic. Students who do not maintain these maybe moved to Cadets or removed from some items.
  • Performance Squad Dancers are representing Bom Funk every day; every lesson, every rehearsal and at every performance. Junior students look up to how student’s dress, act and perform.
  • Any choreography learned by a student is the sole property of Bom Funk Dance Studio and may not be copied or used for any activity outside of the Studio’s scope.  Permission must be granted by the Director for any student to use Studio choreography at any venue where the member is not with the Studio or acting on behalf of the Studio .
  • Students involved in the Bom Funk Performance Squad Program may not perform under any other studio/crew’s name as well as Bom Funk’s without expressed permission from the director and the director or the other studio/crew. Furthermore, students in crews/troupes or individually representing the studio in competitions may not under any circumstance compete under any other studio.
  • Performance Squad students who wish to attend workshops & dance events at other studios (excluding school organised workshops/events, must seek prior permission from the Director to attend. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the Squad.
  • If anyone approaches you regarding performance/crew work, it is extremely important that you refer them to speak with the Director before agreeing to any performances or promo work.  A failure to do so may affect your position in the crew.
  • As Squad numbers are limited, if Squad members do not fulfil their expectations, they may be asked leave the Squad and return to regular classes.

At performances/events/competitions:

  • Arrive at performances on time or before the scheduled time.
  • Be sure you are properly warmed up.
  • Present yourself in a professional manner, with costumes pressed, shoes cleaned, and all accessories accounted for.
  • Treat competitors and teachers from other schools with respect.
  • Treat the directors and staff of the competitions/events with respect.
  • Keep your area of the dressing rooms clean and never bring food or drink where it is prohibited.
  • Never take photographs in areas where students are changing and always follow the photography rules at each event.
  • Students must wear their uniform to, from and at all events. They must not wear their costume to an event unless directed to.
  • Students are not to eat or drink in costumes (water permitted).
  • Rules of each competition may vary – students and parents must obey the rules as set out by each organisation. 
  • Students and/or families must not leave an event until it is completed or the Director/head teacher permits. Students should assist to clean and tidy any areas used by the studio at an evet before leaving. This is also an excellent way to check for any lost property.


  • Costume payments are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • If a student does not have the correct costume or accessories, they will not be allowed to perform.
  • If a student has not paid for their costumes, they will be unable to perform.
  • High Kix Cabaret often involves more expensive costumes and hire fees. Please be prepared to pay between $30-$100/term on costumes.
  • We try very hard to keep costs as low as possible by purchasing from overseas well ahead of time and by offering a Hire rate when possible. Please assist us in doing this by paying any costume invoices by the due date.
  • If you have purchased a costume that is part of a set and leave a crew/troupe or the studio, students must offer to sell the costume back to the studio at a negotiated price.
  • Costumes MUST NOT be worn outside of the studio for any event other than designated performances, even if you believe the routine will not be performed again - you never know when a routine may be required for a specific performance. The Director will let families know once a particular costume will no longer be used.
  • All Individual competitors must have their costumes approved by the director.

Costume Common Sense:

  • Always have a second pair of tights.
  • Place costumes in a garment bag for travel.
  • Carry hats in a hatbox or container to prevent them from damage.
  • Hang and press costumes before each performance.
  • Place your name in all costumes and shoes.
  • Remove all costumes from their garment bags immediately following the competition to be sure that they are not wrinkled for the next event.
  • Check seams, trim, headpieces, etc. for repairs that must be made prior to the next competition.
  • Carry an emergency kit with needle & thread, safety pins, extra hair nets, bobby pins, hair elastics, band aids, makeup wipes, cotton tips, eyelash glue….


All dancers are expected to attend their regularly scheduled classes in addition to all rehearsals and performances. No more than three crew classes per term may be missed. Any team member with poor attendance will either be dismissed from the program or asked to sit out for upcoming competitions/performances until they have caught up in their own time.

Dancers will be given the freedom to choose between different classes and squad training to help develop their skills. Depending on the crew/troupe your child is in will depend on the number of classes they are required to take. All crew students are encouraged to take Stretch, Flex & Acro or Ballet class to extend their training and flexibility. Team members may also be expected to participate in additional classes, including master classes/workshops. There may be an additional charge for these.

All dancers must show respect for their teachers at all times. Inappropriate behaviour could result in dismissal from the program.


Rehearsals are dedicated to choreography or “cleaning” the choreography. A dancer who misses a rehearsal holds back the progress of the entire group. Repeating the choreography from a previous session for those who were absent takes up valuable rehearsal time, which could result in a performance that is not up to par. When we clean choreography, we may also change it. Dancers who miss a cleaning session may not be properly prepared for an upcoming performance and could end up disappointing themselves, their team, or the school.

An important lesson taught through our BFPS program is the value of teamwork. Dancers who miss a rehearsal because of a non-emergency circumstance are letting their fellow dancers down in many ways. We expect parents to nurture the values that dance education teaches; therefore, you should never encourage your child to let the group down.

If parents have a conflict that prevents them from taking their children to a scheduled rehearsal, we will be more than happy to arrange transportation with other parents from the same group. Our goal is to help all children make their commitments.

The ‘Commitment Deposit’

Committing to your crew is important. In 2017, all Performance Squad students will be required to pay $100 in term 1 as a ‘commitment deposit.’ This will be added to your first invoice.

Students who attend all of the designated competitions throughout the entire year will receive their deposit back in term 4 after the final competition. Any students who miss a competition will forfeit the $100. If a deposit is kept, this money will go towards the additional time spent on administration dealing with entry changes as well as paying teachers for their time spent re-choreographing or re-spacing.

All compulsory competition dates will be written as part of the Performance Squad contract – if there is a date you know you are unavailable for, it must be written onto this contract and returned by the end of Week 2, Term 1, otherwise you will forfeit the $100 deposit. If there are 2 or more competition you are going to be absent for, you should consider whether being a part of this program is the right choice for you and/or your child. If a student’s absence majorly affects a particular comp routine, this piece will not be entered into that competition or may be pulled. The Performance Squad is a team and will only function properly and at its best when the entire team works together.

  • Eligible refunds will be deposited back onto a student’s Bom Funk account upon completion of all competitions. It can be used as a credit for the following year or if you require the deposit to be refunded in a different means (eg: to your PayPal account, bank account or cash) please advise the Director in Term 4. 
  • Students who miss a competition due to severe illness or injury may be asked for a Medical certificate from the Director as confirmation. With presentation of a medical certificate or approval by the Director, a student will not lose their deposit under these circumstances.
  • If a student is entitled to the deposit refund at the end of Term 4 but has money owing on their Bom Funk account, the deposit will be transferred onto their account to assist covering the amount owing. No other means of refund will be permitted in this case.
  • If Squad contracts are not returned or are returned incomplete - the assumption is that the student is available and commitment to all events mentioned. 

Rehearsal Schedules

Rehearsals are an important part of the commitment to the Performance Squad. All dancers are expected to work hard and arrive early enough to warm up.

Please see our TIMETABLE for scheduled training times.

Additional rehearsals may be scheduled at the discretion of the Director & the teacher/choreographer in preparation for particular events. All dancers are required to participate in extra rehearsals. As we have extended training hours for most Squad members in 2017, we hope that extra rehearsals will be kept to a minimum. Any dancer excused from a rehearsal for an approved reason is responsible for learning any missed choreography before arriving for the next rehearsal.


Respect for the school, students, teachers, and choreographers is essential.

The teachers and choreographers selected to work with our Squad dancers are among the finest and most experienced available. They are selected because of their professionalism and knowledge of what is technically and emotionally right for the dancers or for their innovative choreography.

  • Leave any personal negativity at the door when entering the studio.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of every class or rehearsal.
  • Choreography must never be questioned. If it causes great concern, please speak with the Director.
  • Let the Choreographer finish teaching a sequence before asking a question – they may answer your questions as they explain the steps in detail. Interrupting before they have finished is rude.
  • Never attempt to contact teachers or choreographers at home. All contact must be made through the director.
  • Finish every class or choreography session with a thank-you to the teacher or choreographer.
  • When wearing your school jacket or other apparel to non-dance events, be sure that the activities and your behaviour reflect positively on you and the school.
  • We expect all dancers to be on their best behaviour during rehearsals and work as team players at all times.

Appreciate the Critique

Listen to each correction given, whether it’s directed to you or another dancer. A correction is an honour; it shows you how much a teacher cares about your progress as a dancer. Always say thank you when a teacher or choreographer offers you constructive criticism. Nothing can stop those students who apply themselves in every class and appreciate their teachers’ knowledge and experience.


The children and parents involved in the Bom Funk Performance Squad participate in many outside activities, all of which reflect Bom Funk Dance Studio’s philosophy.

  • We never speak negatively about teachers, dancers, or parents from other schools.
  • We never create conflict with the directors or judges of events in which we participate.
  • The school director handles all communication with the directors of our outside activities.
  • No parent or dancer may call or question the organiser/directors of any event. If you have a concern, please contact the director of our school.
  • Dancer and parents should be properly dressed for all events. Do not arrive at or leave any event in your costume unless requested; always wear a crew or studio uniform to and from all events.
  • Go out there and show the audience how much you love your studio and how much you love to dance!

Entry Fees

Entry fees for competitions and events are not included in the term fees and are an extra cost. Students must pay entry fees before they are allowed to attend any event. Some fees may have to be paid in cash only depending on the nature and requirements of the competition.


Our fundraising committee organises a number of fundraising opportunities for students throughout the year to assist with the extra costs involved in being a Squad member. Families will be advised each activity what the fundraising will contribute towards. Parents can opt to pay the cost of entry fees/costumes etc rather than spent time fundraising (if they are time poor especially).

For overseas tours, Students/families earn points when they assist in fundraising activities. The points will be transferred into a percentage of the funds raised and distributed accordingly.

We have a separate fundraising account to deposit all fundraising money into.

If you have a fundraising idea or would like to assist – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Competition Critiques

At many of the competition events, the schools receive performance critiques from the judges. These critiques are the property of the school and will be played or read to the dancers during rehearsal or class time if appropriate. Soloists will hear their critiques during their rehearsal sessions & may keep a copy.

Award Presentations

When presented with an award, always show professionalism by thanking the person who presents you with the award. Unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated. You should always be in full studio or crew uniform at award presentations, including correct footwear.

Audience Etiquette

Enthusiastic applause is encouraged; however, it is never appropriate to scream or yell out student names at a competition event or in any other performance venue.

When in an auditorium, remain seated whenever dancers are performing onstage.

Most competitions include instant disqualification if anyone in the audience is caught filming a performance. Pease make sure you follow all competition rules and tell anyone coming to support you about specific rules that may affect your team. Anyone not obeying the rules will be asked to leave the venue and in serious circumstances, may be asked to leave the Squad.

Cash Prizes

Individual competitors who receive cash prizes are allowed to keep the winnings for themselves unless the studio has paid for their entry fee or they have an outstanding invoice at the studio.

Any cash prizes won by a studio crew/troupe will be kept by the studio and used in a way to benefit the students in that crew/troupe – purchasing photos or video from the event, purchasing equipment requested by students to improve training or other expenses related to their dance training. The money may also be used to assist students with future entry fees. The use will be up to the Director.

Photos & Video

Often at competitions there is a professional photographer & videographer. If allowed by the competition (sometimes only the Director can purchase) you may purchase your own copies. Please remember that videos may not be shared on social media. The studio may purchase photos or video of its choosing for its own publicity and use. If you wish to purchase video or photos the Director may be interested in doing a share/swap with you to save doubling up on costs.

Competition Scheduling

When planning a competition weekend, be prepared for performances on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Once a schedule is prepared you may find that you do not have to attend the entire weekend, but you must be prepared to do so. There are no exceptions. The performance times allocated are usually only an estimate and like at all events, these are out of the studio’s control. We pride ourselves on being an organised, professional school and we do not request changes to the dance competition schedule (except in the case of emergencies).

Approximately two weeks prior to the event, the competition company will supply our office with an itinerary. Schedules will be emailed to all dancers and their parents as soon as they are received. We may choose to include or exclude certain crews from different competitions as the year moves on depending on the development of each and the cost and type of competition.

Student loyalty to the Program

Students in the Performance Squad Program are representatives of Bom Funk Dance Studio and positively promote the studio and its values. These students are role models for younger students and create a tight community of like-minded dancers who share a passion to perform. Students involved in the Bom Funk Performance Squad Program may not perform or train under any other studio/crew’s name as well as Bom Funk’s without expressed permission from the director and the director of the other studio/crew. Furthermore, students in BFPS or individually representing the studio in competitions may not under any circumstance compete for or under any other studio.

BFPS Program dancers and their families spend many hours at the studio and are often privy to much of the inner goings on. Therefore, students who attend more than one studio for competition or performance crews may be seen to be uncommitted, untrustworthy and will have to let other crew members down when an event or rehearsal clashes. There can also be issues with safety when studios have different expectations and methods of teaching technique. 

Managing, organising performances and teaching crews is extremely time-consuming. Teachers often spend much of their own time preparing and choreographing pieces and attending events for free because it is their passion. In return, we ask for your loyalty, respect and commitment to the program.


Sadly, in the past BFPS students have been poached or approached by other studios that recognise the talent and potential of our students. Bom Funk does not condone this practice and our staff follow a ‘no poaching’ policy. Bom Funk Dance Studio offers a unique and very special environment for our students to grow and be surrounded by positive practices. Bom Funk is such a new school compared to most of its competitors, and has achieved so much in such a short time.


If a Squad member is dismissed or leaves the program, an understudy will replace him or her. The student leaving the team is expected to turn in all costumes to the school office; if owned by the student, they will be returned to the student after the last performance these are required or a purchase price will be negotiated.


Individual competitors policy

General Studio Policies

Bom Funk Dance Studio parents and students must follow all other studio policies - CLICK HERE

Solos/Duos & Individual Competitors

Based on teacher recommendations, BFPS dancers may have the opportunity to participate in additional choreography that could include the following.

Solos, Duo or Trios – studied weekly or fortnightly: $40/half hr or $60/hr (can be divided amongst other dancers)

Competition Choreography packages – learnt in 1 or 2 weekend intensive training sessions: Choreography packages for solos/duos/trios usually start at $250 and depend on teacher availability and rates. This includes choreography, music and 2 hrs of rehearsal. Any extra time required to rehearse or learn the choreography is charged at the above rate.

  • Private lessons are not included in the Unlimited Fee Cap or Multiple class discount.
  • Costumes are not included in cost. Costumes must be approved by the Director.
  • No dancer may compete in any competition as an independent entry without the permission of the director.
  • All routines must be approved by the director or nominated teacher through an organised private lesson. If the routine is not ready for competition, the director will advise how many private lessons will be required to polish the routine or the routine may be disallowed. If this is the case, there will be no refunds given for entry fees or private lessons.
  • Depending on the performance venue, length of time allotted, or theme of non-competitive performances, we cannot guarantee that all extra choreography will be presented in other public performances.
  • Any choreography learned by a student is the sole property of the Studio and may not be copied or used for any activity outside of the Studio’s scope.  Permission must be granted by the Director for any student to use Studio choreography at any venue where the member is not with the Studio or acting on behalf of the Studio
  • If a solo performance/competition falls on the same day as a group/crew performance or concert, soloists must attend the group performance so as to not let down the other members.
  • Solos are limited to dancers who are technically ready and who possess the drive to put in the extra time needed to perfect their performance.

It is recommended that routines are choreographed by our teachers so that the standard expected by the studio is maintained. Please note that some students may never be ready for individual entries or may only be allowed to compete in certain styles. Students who ignore the advice of the director will be removed from the Performance Squad Program and will not be allowed to compete under the school’s name, which includes use of the school’s music license numbers.

Music for Solos

You will work with your teacher/choreographer to determine the right music for your performance. Together you will look for something different that is not often performed at a competition and that suits your personality.

You are not going to use the most popular song of the year for your solo, no matter how much you love it and are dying to dance to it! Everyone will be using that song, and you don’t want to be the ninth dancer performing to it.


Upcoming Auditions:

Auditions will consist of a workshop class which will include warm up, technique and a small dance combination. Students will perform this combination in groups at the end of the class for the audition panel.

Please arrive at least 15min early to register for the audition.

Students should wear attire fitting with the style they are auditioning for. They do not have to wear make up. Hair should be neat and tidy.

Open Tap crew (Tap Kix) - 
Mon 4 Dec, 8.30pm-9.30pm.

10yrs/under Jazz & Hip Hop (Gems/Jpop) -Tues 5 Dec, 3.30pm-4.30pm.

12/u + 14/u + Open Troupes (Jazz/Contemp/Musical Theatre) -
Wed 6 Dec, 4.30pm-6pm.

15yrs+ Cabaret (High Kix) - 
Wed 6 Dec, 7.30pm-8.30pm.

12yrs/under Hip Hop - 
Friday 8 Dec, 4.30pm - 5.30pm.

14yrs/under + Open Hiphop - 
Friday 8 Dec, 5.30pm-6.30pm.