Welcome to our SENior School  


Senior - 12 yrs+

Recommended for students aged 12 years+

Suitable for dancers with some training in the particular style and some years dance experience; or less experience with the ability to pick up moves and technique quickly.

Senior Beginner - 12 yrs+

Recommended for students aged 12 years+ who are newer to the style and need a class slower paced than the Senior/Open levels; or as an extension class to approved Intermediate level students. No experience is required.

Open - 15 yrs+

All students 15yrs+ with a mature attitude welcome. Class moves at a fast pace so a basic knowledge of class style is recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: Some styles have minimum age requirements



Acrobatic Dance/Acrodance focuses on developing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and acrobatic skill through a number of exercises, stretches and circuits. It is fun but challenging and highly recommended for any dancer wanting to improve their skills, technique and fitness.

Students are able to work at their individual skill level. Within one class, students may be at different skill levels within reason. Students progress at different paces. They work steadily at certain skills until they are achieved:Flexibility, Strength, Balancing Skills, Limbering Skills & Tumbling. Our Acrobatic Arts certified teachers are trained to challenge every student adequately. Students have the opportunity to sit exams to move up levels or can progress under teacher direction. 


Ballet is a formal, traditional and strict type of dance, teaching discipline, strength and stylised technique with its own French vocabulary. The graceful movements and poses include pointed feet, rising, jumping, stretching and spinning. Advanced ballet dancers may wear pointe shoes only once their feet have developed and they have gained correct technique. These classes combine open work with RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing) syllabus work.

Pre-pointe is recommended for students aged 12yrs+ who would like to work towards going onto pointe or who would like to further develop ballet strength and technique.


Pointe is restricted to students aged 12yrs+ who have been approved by the teacher and/or by a qualified physiotherapist to dance en pointe. Students must attend Pre-Pointe & Ballet.

Please note that some students may never be able to go onto pointe even after training in the pre-pointe class- this has a lot to do with the foot development and strength of each individual student. 


B-boy or Break dance, is a style of street dance that originated in New York City during the early 1970s. In Breakdance there are specific techniques, tricks and rules to follow which consists of four elements: Toprock, Footwork, Freezes and Power moves. These are taught by our specialist B-Boy teacher who uses his own B-Boy syllabus to deliver new techniques to students each week. Students also learn how to battle, jam and freestyle.


Broadway Jazz is technical, classic jazz that emphasizes style and performance quality. Broadway Jazz relates to Musical Theatre and incorporates elements of Ballet, Jazz and Modern, danced in heels.  Every step has purpose and meaning and the choreography typically involves a story line in order to give students the atmosphere of being in a company or performing in a Broadway show. This class introduces foundation technique for dancing in heels and is especially recommended for students wanting to audition for High Kix Cabaret.  

Cabaret combines Ballet, Jazz and Musical Theatre elements while incorporating the showgirl technique of dancing in heels. The choreography is created to entertain audiences with slick, stylish and slightly cheeky movements. Dancers develop strength, flexibility and balance while learning to dance in heels. No cabaret class is complete without feathers, fishnets and lots of bling!


Commercial JFH is a relatively new style performed by commercial jazz dancers – it is a combination of Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop styles blended together. JFH routines are choreographed to popular dance hit songs & routines are similar to what is seen on current Music videos. This class is recommended for students 16+ (due to mature class content) with many years dance experience.


Contemporary uses a blend of elements from ballet, modern and jazz. Dancers strive to connect their mind and body through fluid dance movements across the floor and centre space. This style develops a dancers’ inner core, strength, flexibility and musicality.


Drama & Acting class is designed to engage the young aspiring actor to build performance skills & confidence to perform on stage or for Film/TV. Students learn through drama games & activities and rehearse pieces for performance. They use their imagination to learn about character development and learn vocal techniques to assist with projection. 

This class is highly recommended for any students participating in our CTM Management Talent Agency.


Hip Hop is an energetic street dance style that continues to evolve. It involves an expressive collection of movements including breaking, tutting, gliding, locking, and popping. Each Bom Funk teacher brings their own style and personality to their Hip Hop class which allows students to experience and develop their own flavours.

'Boys Only' Hip Hop - Bom Funk Dance Studio specialises in Dance Education for boys and male dancers.


Jazz/Jazz Funk classes are a stylised combination of street funk, pop and traditional jazz techniques such as kicks, turns and leaps. A strong emphasis remains on the technique with corner combinations used to practice movements. Routines vary from current pop concert and music videos to more traditional classic jazz numbers to give students a good overall feel for the diversity of the style.


Lyrical uses slow, dramatic movements to express emotions and explore different themes. Often the music chosen for lyrical has emotionally charged lyrics to provide inspiration. This style develops a dancers’ inner core, strength, flexibility and musicality.


It is impossible to define 'musical theatre dance' as a single style of movement mainly because the kind of movement or dance used in any piece of theatre reflects the style of that performance as a whole. In the Musical Theatre class, students learn different routines from a wide variety of musicals. A strong emphasis is placed on the characterisation in each piece to let student immerse themselves into the feel and style of each musical explored. Try your hand at being a Broadway baby, fabulous feline, budding producer or slimy gangster and find out why musicals are so much fun!

*This is a dance class that uses acting skills- there is no singing required.  


Song & Dance class is recommended for students who love to sing and dance. Just like the show, Bom Funk Glee Club is all about bringing out the singing and dancing theatrical stars. Students will transform popular and catchy tunes into fun and exciting stage numbers. Students will vocal training and projection, harmonies, pitch, stage craft and presence, performance skills, characterisation, theatrical dance, performance endurance, teamwork,  improvisation basic dance technique and acting. Students will learn how to confidently combine all these skills and work to their strengths to be part of a song and dance team.


Special Needs All Styles class is suitable for children with additional needs in a smaller group environment. Students will access a range of styles including jazz, hip hop, contemporary & tap and develop movement pieces.


Learn basic technique & combinations from Street Latin & Latin American styles in a fun, relaxed environment - partners not necessary. Over the year styles learnt may include: Salsa, Samba, Zouk, Bachata, Cha cha, Paso doble, Rumba, and Jive. 


Tap is an exciting and energetic style of dance in which dancers wear special shoes equipped with metals taps to create rhythms. Tap dancers use their feet like drums and learn rhythmic patterns, syncopation, and timely beats while moving around the space. These classes are a combination of rhythm tap and Broadway tap, blending the new with old techniques. If you are an aspiring Fred Astaire or Billy Elliot and love the Happy Feet, Singing in the Rain and the Tap Dogs, then this style is for you!



Choose your style and have one-on-one training with a professional teacher. Learn your own unique routine to perform at Bom-Funk events or competitions or have specialist technique training in a chosen style. Available for 1-3 students per slot (split the cost with 1 or 2 friends). Please note that students will only be allowed to compete or perform if their routine is approved by the Director.  Please contact us to discuss further & book a time.


Have one-on-one or small group training with a singing coach. Learn songs to perform at Bom Funk events or competitions or have specialist technique training for your vocal style. Available for 1-3 students per slot (split the cost with 1 or 2 friends). Please note that students will only be allowed to compete or perform if their song/routine is approved by the Director.  Please contact us to discuss further & book a time.