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Bom Funk Dance Studio Child Safe Policy

Performance Squad Policy 2019

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Safe Dance

Adapted from Ausdance Act.

Before you commence your classes, you should tell your teacher about any health condition you have which may have an impact on your fitness for any of the classes, or which could limit your ability to participate fully in those classes.

We also expect that in class, you will:

Take care of your own personal safety, andCommunicate to your teacher any discomfort you experience or injury you have or may have suffered.

Drink water

Drinking regularly during exercise can improve performance and prevent declines in concentration and ability. Drink plenty of cool water when dancing – don’t wait to feel thirsty before you drink. We encourage students to bring a water bottle into the classroom.

Fuel your body

Like an athlete, a dancer must fuel their body for best performance. Fruit, starchy vegetables, bread, rice and pasta are all carbohydrate-rich foods, which your body uses for energy. Eat them 1-4 hours before performance.

Warm up - Cool down

Warming up prepares your body for action. Cooling down should include a light stretch to reduce muscle soreness. A warm up is the best start to a class as it physically and mentally prepares the body. This is why it is important to arrive on time to class.

Any body can dance

Great dancers come in all shapes and sizes. We all perform better when we feel confident and comfortable. Our dance teachers and choreographers encourage diversity of bodies, and promote healthy and safe dance for all people.

 For further information about Safe Dance please refer to the Ausdance ACT website