5,6,7,8 DANCE ~ in-school program

5,6,7,8 DANCE is an innovative school dance program developed by highly experienced professional dancer, dance educator and high school teacher Kym Degenhart. The program offers tuition to schools for the following learning experiences: 

  • Learn routines in a chosen style for performances or class assessment
  • Learn & practice technique in a chosen style 
  • Engage students with all-male, all-female or mixed classes
  • Workshop creative ideas & approaches 
  • Assistance with creative response tasks 
  • Run Dance games/ Disco night/ Party hosts 
  • Bomfit Dance fitness program- Get fit, have fun!

Dance Styles can include: 

  • Hip Hop, 
  • Jazz, 
  • Contemporary, 
  • Lyrical,
  • Urban Contemporary, 
  • JFH, 
  • Tap, 
  • Musical Theatre, 
  • Cabaret, 
  • Partner dancing/pair work, 
  • Bomfit Dance Fitness, 
  • Choreography Workshop. 

Our instructors are trained to work with school students across all ages and ability groups.

We can provide individual instructors or a team of instructors to meet your needs.

Male and female instructors are available.

We offer specialist boys only and girls only programs as well as combined classes and programs.

In addition, we offer performances and entertainment for demonstrations, workshops, and events.


Past & current clients include:

  • Arts Upfront - ACT Dept Education & Training
  • Step into the Limelight - ACT Dept Education & Training
  • Calwell High School
  • Namadgi School
  • Radford College
  • Hawker College
  • Campbell High School
  • Campbell Street Child Care & Early Education Centre.


5,6,7,8 DANCE can provide dance experiences and ongoing programs tailored to suit the Australian Curriculum. 

In addition to the overarching aims of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts, dance knowledge, understanding and skills ensure that, individually and collaboratively, students develop:
~Body awareness and technical and expressive skills to communicate through movement confidently, creatively and intelligently  
~Choreographic and performance skills and appreciation of their own and others’ dances  
~Aesthetic, artistic and cultural understanding of dance in past and contemporary contexts as choreographers, performers and audiences  
~Respect for and knowledge of the diverse purposes, traditions, histories and cultures of dance by making and responding as active participants and informed audiences.

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